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Crafts We Offer

Since 1865
Bricklayer Mason

A Bricklayer Mason is a person whose trade it is to build structures with units of various natural and artificial products. Typically, these products are bonded together with mortar or glue.

Cement Mason

A Cement Finisher Mason is a person whose trade it is to build with cement and various aggregates to achieve a hard stone-like substance to last the test of time. This versatile and strong material can be used on floors, walls, and anything in between.


A Pointer Cleaner Caulker/ Restoration Mason is a person whose trade is to restore and repair pre-existing structures and historic buildings. This trade is growing quickly and demands detailed precision.

Stone Mason

A Stone Mason is a person whose trade is to build with natural or artificial stone. This is one of the oldest professions in history. Many of the world's ancient structures are built or carved from stone.

Precast Mason/Setter

A Precast Setter is one whose trade it is to make cement panels or take previously made cement panels and set them in place to create a wall system for a building. These craftworkers are in high demand and work together to quickly create small and large-scale buildings such as warehouses.

Plaster Mason

A Plaster Mason is a person whose trade is to build with a composition of lime or gypsum in order to achieve a coating on walls or ceilings. This coating can be used as a base or can be used for applications that require decorative techniques.


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BAC is building towards the future, one brick at a time. Through elite apprenticeships and top job placement opportunities, the future has never looked so bright for skilled labor. BACNJ represents thousands of exceptional workers and devoted administrators who get up every day, eager to build New Jersey’s future.Learn More
A History of Dedication.
For more than a century, BAC has fought to preserve and improve the quality of workers' rights, wages, and well-being. Our institution employs the highest skilled labor pool in the Masonry industry. Along with offering high job placement, we have a proven history of providing elevated wages, health, and pension options designed to support the well-being of our workers and their families.Learn More
Apprenticeships & Certifications.
The profound outcome of employing skilled labor starts with professional training and development. Investing in the future means offering career advancement through exceptional apprenticeships and certifications. We invest in the future by presenting a clear path toward membership.Learn More
Health and Safety Awareness.
One of BAC's main objectives is fighting for the health and safety of our members. By protecting members on the job, we provide the information and tools needed to promote occupational safety. By raising the bar, we adhere to the highest levels of OSHA standards around health and safety awareness. Learn More

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